Thursday, 6 February 2014

Flower Blooms Polymer Clay Vases

These are some of my early polymer clay vase creations. I used different variety of glass vases. They are inexpensive. I buy used ones at thrift store for a dollar each. I covered them with polymer clay all over and sculpted flowers to design it. To secure the sculpted flowers and accent beads. I used polybonder adhesive. I wanted to create a unique blends of colour so I blended two or 3 colours of Premo accent clay to achieve a nice tone. 
I like using premo accent for my work. It creates a nice metallic look.
All these vases made a wonderful christmas gifts to friends and family.
I filled them up with individual wrapped chocolates. Wrapped them with clear cellophane and tie it with christmas ribbons. 
Lovely gifts from the heart. 

I created these two vases from recycled apple sauce jar and pickle jar. I used accent premo clay and blend 2 colours together to cover the entire jar.  It is a very inexpensive gifts. It just need time and little imagination.

All wrapped up.  Happy gift giving :-)